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Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board of the Epilepsy Foundation of Delaware serves to keep the Foundation abreast of any new medical information or treatments in the field of epilepsy. The Board also answers medical, legal and other social questions of the staff or Board of Directors and informs our training programming to make sure it is clear, up-to-date and relevant for each group of participants

2022 - 2023 Professional Advisory Board

John R. Pollard, M.D., Chairman

Brian Bartley

Stephen J. Falchek, M.D.

Mary F. Kotowski

Sarah Mullins, M.D.

Sheila Pickering

Nicole Ryan, M.D.

Alana Salvucci, M.D.

Lisa Drummond, PharmD, AAHIVP

Etsegenet (Itsy) Tizazu M.D.

Lily Tran, M.D.

Andrea Tully

June Wang, M.D.



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