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For Health Care Professionals

Managing Students with Seizures

School Nurse Training – In partnership with the National Foundation and the CDC, this training provides school nurses with information, strategies, and resources to better manage students with seizures.  The program helps nurses to recognize seizures and their effects, know current treatment options and their side effects, know appropriate first aid, develop a seizure action plan for a student with epilepsy, and provide training for other school personnel on appropriate care for students with seizures.  In addition to a yearly training program in Delaware, school nurses can access the training online by clicking Here


Seizure Training for Healthcare Professionals – This training program was recently developed for family physicians, nurses, and other medical and behavioral health professionals who have many have contact with patients with seizure disorders.  Funded by a Blueprints Grant for the Community/Highmark, the goal of this program is to reduce the number of undiagnosed or misdiagnosed cases of epilepsy and ensure more appropriate treatment and access to health care for underserved patients. A component of this program includes a series of video education segments designed specifically for healthcare professionals.  Topics include:


Seizure Definition and Categories



Epilepsy Definition



Consequences of Epilepsy



Psychosocial Issues


Funding generously provided by:
Blueprints Grant for the Community



Scheduling a Training

Please contact the Epilepsy Foundation of Delaware to schedule training for your staff. Call us at (302) 999-9313 or email

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